Pastor's Blog

Thank you for visiting our website.  In this "New Age of Technology" we know this is probably your first introduction to our church.  We hope that you will also visit us in person some Sunday morning. 

We take a very practical approach to our faith.  We believe that Scripture is an introduction to our Soul (which, for most people is largely unconscious) and it is also our light and pathway to a loving and dynamic relationship with God.  We try not to belabor the point of sin because it is something that we are all aware of, with guilt and fear being present in all our lives.  But we do try to understand and integrate God's forgiveness, understanding, and love in everything we do and teach.  Consequently, we believe that we are all created by God, and we find meaning, purpose and direction through our special access to his Holy Spirit through our daily living…depending on the choices we make.

We look forward to meeting with you and sharing your special message that God gives you each day.


Rollin Karnehm

Our pastor, the Dr. Rev. Rollin Karnehm offers his insight and wisdom in his Pastor's Blog entitled "Thoughts from the Pastor." Return often to find inspiration in his words.