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Thanks for visiting our website.  It’s nice to meet you, even though it’s only electronically.  We’d love to meet you in person any Sunday morning at 10:00 when we gather for worship.

We’re a small church with a big heart, and there is certainly room for you here.  For many years our church’s slogan has been “A Church That Cares for Persons.”  We want it to be so much more than just a slogan.  Any friend of Jesus is a friend of ours, so we offer you a most cordial welcome in His name.  If we can be of spiritual help to you please feel free to contact us at 508-339-7047 or, better yet, join with us on Sunday at 10:00 A.M.  You may enter our church as a stranger, but we intend that you will leave it as a friend.

Many blessings to you through our Best Friend!

Yours in Him,

(Rev.) Peter A. Brown

My Fellow Americans,

Next week—on Wednesday, January 20, at noon—Joseph R. Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.  Like it or not, he won the election—and the news indicates that nearly half of the country does not like it.  (Of course, the same would have been true if Donald Trump had won.)

Regardless of personal feelings that anyone may have, however, we Christians are under orders to pray for our leaders.  I Timothy 2: 1-2 instructs us to pray “for kings and all who are in high positions,” and Peter tells us (I Peter 2:17) to “honor the emperor.”  The emperor at that time was Nero, one of the most evil emperors of Rome or anywhere else, so if Peter could pray for Nero, we can certainly pray for any American President.

As Joe McKeever, a retired pastor, missions executive, and cartoonist, has pointed out in another context, “The stakes are so high.  Not just this land, but millions throughout the world look to America’s leaders to do the right thing, to hold their rogue nation accountable, to stand up to the oppressors, to help the helpless.  The opportunity is limitless, the responsibility enormous.”

That responsibility is too much for any individual.  The job of President of the United States of America is so great that nobody has what it takes to fulfill it by him/herself.  Every President desperately needs God’s help, which means that every President desperately needs our prayers.

I encourage you to join with me in praying for incoming President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, whether or not you voted for them.  It’s the God-pleasing thing to do—which means that, in the long run, it’s the you-pleasing thing to do, as well.

Your fellow American,

(Rev.) Peter A. Brown